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Center Ground Sustainability Letter

April 12, 2020

The Center Ground sim is a hub for businesses, residences, arts and entertainment. While many may only know of our world class venues, it takes only a brief walk to see what else we offer. 

The Center Ground sim is built on the sustainable model. When one reads this they normally think of environment. They may also think of green housing and shopping local. While this is true, and we strive to show ways to protect our natural resources. We must also consider the sustainability of the business.

Over the past year the entertainment venues, “Club Center Ground” and the newly renovated “SugarHill Lounge at Center Ground”, have seen significant increases in their talent rosters.  We have strived to increase the diversity of genres offered during a week. We now have entertainment every day of the week at varied times. We have seen steady increases in the numbers of patrons at our venues, to see not only a DJ they may be familiar with but to try out someone new. 

What we have not seen is an increase in is the numbers of donations to the “House”.  We know that everyone has their priorities, usually tip the DJ, then the Host. But the issue becomes rather glaring when there is an event with 15 or more patrons in attendance. And no one but the few steady supporters give the house its do.  

This is where the issue of sustainability comes in.  A business cannot continue to operate or grow if their patrons do not support it. This is the reason Center Ground has paused its regular schedule of events.   In the next weeks the management team will be accessing what type of schedule is viable to operate in this competitive arena. And how best to maintain a sustainable business model.

Warm Regards

Luchenpur Darwin

Support what you Like, Bless what you Love

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