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About Center Ground

Hey! Have you discovered the low lag sim that offers something for everyone? An eclectic blend of art, entertainment, dancing, dining, news, apparel, and more?
Yes, I’m talking about Center Ground! Home to the fabulous “Club Center Ground” with top rated Djs & welcoming hosts! Come dance or listen and chill in the adjoining bar and lounge.
But Wait There's More! Center Ground is also home to “The Center Ground Gallery of Art” presenting the artwork of Real Life artist Judilynn India
Take a stroll through our shopping district on Center Ground Boulevard and enjoy the affordable shops, and eateries.  Stop by Black Soul Rhythms’ HQ for a visit to the NEW “SugarHill Lounge” 
Did I mention Home Rentals? Center Ground has affordable apartments and homes based on the sustainable living model, which means creative living space and less lag for you! For shopping, dancing, relaxing, living, Make Center Ground your new destination spot!


Paolo Rousselot


"Paolo" was an original owner of much the land that the Center Ground sim now occupies in Hans Loso. He was a very down to earth individual with a strong passion for blues music as illustrated by his build of “Paolo's Blues by the Lake"

Tatia Andel


"Tatia Andel" worked diligently to direct the group’s acquisition of land and kept the groups focus on sustainable issues. Tatia and Paolo were the chief builders of the group and gave the land a distinct look admired by many of its visitors. Tatia whose first life background of environmental policy, informed her take on SL.  Tatia designed various habitats and displays in Center Ground to inform everyone of climate change, growing local, water and land conservation.



While "Flower Ninetails" was not as active as the others, her input and dedication to the group was always evident. Flower preferred a quite green outpost in meadow grass with a campfire as opposed to the larger builds of the others.

Luchenpur Darwin


"Luchenpur Darwin’s" original reason for coming to SL was to build a virtual version of a 1st life project. By the time the group was thinking about forming, Darwin had ceded building to those much
more skillful than himself, and in place took on the administration of the group and land, a position he continues to hold.
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